Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 Reasons to Avoid Bitterness

This is an inspirational article for any person who’s keeping something inside about bitterness. It is consider a challenge that life can present to a subtle but a sinister trap of bitterness. Bitterrness can ruin your life, your relationship to God and your relationship to other people. I admit that I am one of those people that I used to keep deep inside me. Some saying says in Filipino other way “Magsasaka” wherein nagtatanim at balang araw ay aanihin, sinasabi rin may KARMA. It is absolutely wrong to have this attitude but there’s a way to avoid this and to set as free. We cannot blame other person who keeps on doing such thing like this ika nga di natin alam ang kanilang pinagdadanan and we’re here to understand each other. Mahalaga ang umunawa ang isa, lawakan ang pag iisip, ilabas ang nasa loob and seek for advice. But there’s a way... I accidentally read one article about bitterness. In fact, it’s not my intention to know this matter, what I want is to read one inspirational bible verse just to enlighten my day. Since I started doing blog in CLIQUERS, it added one interest to read and understand the Word of God. I think it is a positive way to have and keep on doing post in Cliquers.
Excerpt article from by Jack Zavada

Maybe you've slipped into the bitterness trap unaware. You have wanted to get married for some time now. You have even told God that you deserve to be happy and in love. But no matter how hard you've prayed, God doesn't seem to care. Offered as part of our resources for Christian singles, Jack Zavada uncovers three important reasons to avoid bitterness and then presents three steps to climb free from bitterness.

3 Reasons to Avoid Bitterness
Christians hear sermons on how obedience brings blessings, and you wonder why God won't bless you with a spouse. You obey God to the best of your ability, you pray that you'll meet the right person, and yet it doesn't happen. It's even tougher when friends or relatives have happy marriages and children. You ask, "Why not me, God? Why can't I have what they have?" Long term frustration can lead to anger, and anger can degenerate into
bitterness. Often you don't even realize you've slipped into a resentful attitude. If that's happened to you, here are three good reasons to get out of that trap.

Bitterness Damages Your Relationship With God Bitterness can put you in an adversarial relationship with God. You blame him because you're not married and think he's punishing you for some reason. That's dead wrong, because Scripture says God is not only enormously in love with you, but that his love is constant and unconditional. God wants to help you, not hurt you: "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." (Isaiah 41:10

Your intimate, personal
relationship with Jesus Christ is the source of your strength when things are going wrong. Bitterness forgets hope. Bitterness misdirects your focus onto your problem, instead of on God.

Bitterness Alienates You from Other People
If you want to be married, a bitter attitude can scare off a potential spouse. Think about it. Who wants to become involved with a person who is nasty and cynical? You wouldn't want a spouse with those qualities, would you? Your bitterness inadvertently punishes your family and friends. Eventually they'll get tired of tiptoeing around your touchiness, and they'll just leave you alone. Then you'll be lonelier than ever. Like God, they love you and want to help. They want the best for you, but bitterness pushes them away. They're not to blame. They're not your enemy. Your true enemy, the one who is telling you that you have every right to be bitter, is Satan. Discouragement and bitterness are two of his favorite ways to draw you away from God.

Bitterness Detours You from Your Best Self
You're not a negative, harsh person. You don't snap at people, put yourself down, and refuse to see any good in life. That's just not you, but you've taken a detour from your best self. You've gotten onto the wrong road. Besides being on the wrong road, you've got a sharp pebble in your shoe, but you're too stubborn to stop and remove it. Shaking out that pebble and getting back on the right road takes a conscious decision on your part. You are the only one who can end your bitterness, but you have to choose to do it.

3 Steps to Freedom from Bitterness
You take the first step by going to God and asking him to be in charge of your justice. You've been hurt and you want justice, but that's his job, not yours. He is the One who makes things right. When you return that responsibility to him, you'll feel a heavy load come off your back.

You take the second step by thanking God for all the good things you have. By concentrating on the positive instead of the negative, you'll gradually find joy returning to your life. When you understand that bitterness is a choice, you'll learn to reject it and choose peace and contentment instead.

You take the last step by enjoying and loving other people again. There's nothing more attractive than a joy-filled, loving person. When you make that the emphasis of your life, who knows what good things might happen?

Bitterness will ruin your day, it can lead you to anger and will lead your feelings to hate other people. Be NICE as always and don’t let jealousies affects your mood. Be happy to other people achievement or other’s people way, at end good feedback will always come in your way. Never let small things bigger, kaya nga wag magiging ampalaya, be nice as always to all people you know. At one’s know the person in front of you will help you a lot in many ways. Have a great Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A glimpse to aesthetic art and design of my Flat…

Just to share the art and designs of my Flat, it is a mix of classic and western designs and arrangement. I just used my skills and short course that I had taken in year 1995 about Interior Designs which is a pre-requisite course before to take a bachelor course in Fine Arts and Architecture. But this interest was not materialized and I was enrolled in the field of Information Technology but no regrets at all.
The six corners of our Living Room

My mini GYM... Exercise is very important!

My daughter's play area... 

My workstation... 

Love to Cook... Our Kitchen

Our Master Bed Room

Cliquer's T-shirt and ID strap






Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ackianne Margarette's Birthday at Mc Donalds

23rd of January 2011…The third time that I wasn’t able to enjoy the birthday celebration of my daughter Ackianne Margarette M. Derla. The more years it adds to my daughter age is the more years that I felt desire to be with her always. It’s my daughter 3rd Birthday and another year of fruitful and blessing to my daughter’s health.
Some other says, my daughter looks is got from me but some other says it is exactly the same with my wife appearance. No matter how she guise with people around her, I am very thankful that my daughter is so healthy and in fact she’s quite big & chubby at her age and undergone already some sort of diet. It was surprising at her age right now that she started doing that things, as doctor said it is better to follow the recommended BMI at her age but as for me I’d like to have my daughter as average body that she can have so at least my wife can able to dress-up my daughter as doll as what my wife is doing always.
Perhaps, it is enough to discuss my daughter’s weight heheheh. I just wanted to share to everyone the birthday of my daughter. Wishing her continues good health and May she grows up as respected person and a God-fearing child.

To you my child, Happy Birthday!!! I knew you’re such a wonderful kid and most people admired you for being cute and enthusiastic in all manners. That’s the things that I am always praying that you stay witty and pretty. Papa loves you so much and I want you to know that I love you…

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. —Proverbs 16:18

Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. —1 Corinthians 10:12
It has become so commonplace to hear of the misconduct of a respected public figure that even though we may be deeply disappointed, we are hardly surprised. But how should we respond to the news of a moral failure, whether by a prominent person or a friend? We might begin by looking at ourselves. A century ago, Oswald Chambers told his students at the Bible Training College in London, “Always remain alert to the fact that where one man has gone back is exactly where anyone may go back . . . . Unguarded strength is double weakness.”
Chambers’ words echo Paul’s warning to be aware of our own vulnerability when we see the sins of others. After reviewing the disobedience of the Israelites in the wilderness (1 Cor. 10:1-5), Paul urged his readers to learn from those sins so they wouldn’t repeat them (vv.6-11). He focused not on past failings but on present pride when he wrote, “Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall” (v.12).
The head shaken in reproach is a common response to public sin. More helpful is the head that nods, “Yes, I am capable of that,” then bows in prayer for the one who has fallen and the one who thinks he stands.

Blessed Savior, make me humble,
Take away my sinful pride;
In myself I’m sure to stumble,
Help me stay close by Your side. —D. De Haan
Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. —Proverbs 16:18

Thank you to our S-Chem Cliquers Pablo Lazaro for sharing this inspiring Word’s of Divinity…

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Tribute to TAYSEER FATEEL...

January 9, 2011, Sunday and 2nd day of the week, I used to come early for work as to comply with all the things I need to complete for SAP Implementation project in SPCo. I was happy but quiet this morning because in my mind, I have come this far in regards with the preparations I have done for the arrival of my family to be with me here in Kingdom. Only last night when I finally settled my contract in the real estate confirming that I will get their flat no. 10 where I paid six months’ rent plus other miscellaneous fees. Yesterday afternoon also, after work (4PM), I'm in a rush for 5 minutes changing my clothes then immediately went out in Big World to buy all the cleaning materials.  I had with my friend with me last night who helped me to clean all the rooms and we finished around 9:30PM. I went home and relax for 30 minutes then sleep with a smile. But before I finally slept, there is something bothering me to think about, I don’t know why? But it keeps me to think what it is…

I haven’t thinked and expected that the mere fact that I’m happy for one thing this morning that every single thing I had completed little so far has equivalent feeling of sorrow and sadness when I knew what had happened to my previous boss, Tayseer. When I learned from Gublan that Tayseer had died yesterday in a car accident that answers my agitations. “I knew it” and that’s the reason why I kept on thinking for something.  The moment I heard and knew the news, my body was shaking, stocked-up for any movement that I wanted to talk and scream. It seems my heart stop for pumping and thinking for what was happened to my mentor, my supervisor, my superintendent and my manager in Planning.
He did lots of things to me, when I worked with him from 2003 up to 2007, almost 4 years of pressure from the work we received that time but it is worth it because we still spend sometimes also to laugh and learned the value of life. I will not forget all the things he taught me, advices and learning’s to improve myself and my career. There is a time that we used to have jokes from people that surrounds us about getting into wrong directions but only one thing you will hear from him “ I am straight person”…” “Straight forward to the right ways”. It was last month and the last time we had a chat about SAP as well as other things about Planning. He has lots of plans not only for his family but as well as for the people in Maintenance Dept. that he wanted to help in any way he can.
For you my Planning Manager, you have built me on where I am right now and to countless people you have extended your help also. For that reason, people admired you a lot for being a good person and an excellent friend.  Thank You!!!

This is a Tribute to you, to a wonderful man and I hope people will read this that may find you a real and genuine person and having a BIG heart for people. I am crying when I wrote this post but the tears I have right now are the tears for saying…thank you for everything, thank you for all the things you have done for your people. Sometimes I remember, you used to say “There’s a lot of work and responsibilities in my shoulder now”, but now, May you Rest in Peace! All your burdens are gone now!

I will pray to ALLAH that may your family overcome the grief and solitude that they are experiencing right now. We, my family and my co-S-Chem friends are extending our warmth sympathy and deepest condolences. May ALLAH guide you where ever you are…, I will cherish all the moments we’ve shared and the moments when we worked together not only as a superior and subordinate relationship but most importantly as a FRIEND. I will miss you, Good Bye my Mentor!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chevron New Year 2011 Celebration

It’s another year to face all the challenges in life. Today is January 01, 2011, the foremost day of the year and the first day to saunter and step forward for our life’s journey. By all means, we commence a festivity to welcome 2011 as a Happy, Blessed and Prosperous New Year for all my co S-Chem Cliquers... Berks o Da barkads ka man.
It’s been long years now when we always used to have a pot-luck party every Christmas and New Year. The four corners of Finance Office is the only bystander in every events and occasions we used to have their. All the smiles, laughs and moments are seized and will always cherish, reminisces every single thing happened between all of us.
Now here again S-Chem Cliquers and friends 2011 New Year’s celebration…
Muli ang pasasalamat sa ating mga K Berks na nagbigay ng panahon at oras para maging masaya at may pag-kakaisa ang ating munting salu-salo at paghahanda ng masarap na pananghalian at nag-ayos ng venue sa ikasasaya at pag-kakaisa ng ating samahan d2 sa Chevron…
Sa lahat... a million thanks!
Jong De Leon, Dan Antazo, Alan De Guzman, Chris R, Maher, Rogelio (Finance)
Bueno Byron, Ric Dalao, Ric Alas (IT)
Ferdie, Mark Ian, Ryan Puda (Contracts)
Warren Delos Reyes (GS)
Kuya Manny Rey, Marlon Tesoro (Reliability)
Leonides Crisostomo, John Sarmi (HR)
Michael Dolor, Iris (B&P)
Lester (ISD)
Ruffy (Clinic)
Ramil Soriano, Bari, Geoffrey, Aladin, Joey (SPCo)

Ang mapagpalang Kamay ng Diyos sa pasasalamat at naway magpatuloy ang ating samahan di lamang dito sa kumpanyang ating pinagtatrabahuhan at maging sa Pilipinas pa, sa taong ito at sa darating pang mga taon.
Happy New Year to All!

Exceptional thanks to Cliquer Jong & Cliquer Dan for organizing this affair.  May you have a Joyful, Blessed and Fruitful year; let prosperity be always with you.